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Clinically, Dr. Kremen specializes in Orthopaedic Surgery with sub-specialization in Sports Medicine which is largely focused on the treatment of soft tissue musculoskeletal injuries involving cartilage, ligament, and tendon tissues. As a result of his interest in optimizing the treatment of these soft tissue injuries, his research has focused on improving knee ligament reconstruction procedures, novel strategies to improve soft tissue-to-bone healing, innovative mesenchymal progenitor cell imaging strategies as well as the therapies aimed at treating the sequelae of these injuries such as post-traumatic osteoarthritis. He is a patent holder for a percutaneous gene transfer technology used to activate endogenous stem cells in the setting of knee ligament reconstruction and this work has been published in high impact scientific journals such as Science Translational Medicine as well as in high impact orthopaedic journals such as American Journal of Sports Medicine, which has the highest impact factor of any orthopaedic journal. His position as a clinician-scientist in a robust research environment affords him ample opportunity for collaboration and the development of a strong and innovative translational research program aimed at addressing unmet clinical needs in musculoskeletal medicine.


A cure for osteoarthritis?  Read about Dr. Kremen's role in a federally-funded stuy dedicating up to $33 million towards finding a game-changing treatment for osteoarthritis.


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Click here to view Dr. Kremen's clinical trial at UCLA for the treatment of ACL injuries. If you have an ACL injury and would like to participate in this clinical trial please call 424-259-9856


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Featured Article on Stem Cell Activation in Science Translation Medicine

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