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On any given day, your knees are working hard, but if you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, you’re significantly adding to their workload, sometimes pushing them past their limits. Such is the case with a meniscus tear. For knee injuries of all kinds, including meniscus tears, you need the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist like Thomas J. Kremen, MD. With advanced treatments, Dr. Kremen helps his patients in Santa Monica get back on their feet as quickly as possible. To find out more about treating a meniscus tear, call the office or use the online scheduler to book an appointment.

Meniscus Repair and Transplant Q & A

What is a meniscus?

Your knees are incredibly complex, which isn’t surprising given the amount of work they do to provide you with mobility, support, and range of motion. One of the critical players in the overall function of your knees are your menisci.

Your menisci are two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage that provide cushioning and shock absorption between your shinbone and your thighbone in each knee.

What causes a meniscus tear?

If you think about the movement your knees allow, it’s not surprising that injuries can occur to the soft tissue components if you place too much stress on them. These movements can include everything from jumping and squatting to twisting and turning.

In the case of your meniscus, twisting or pivoting, as well as deep bending, are the two most common causes of a meniscus tear.

As well, the older you get, the more your meniscus is vulnerable to tearing as your cartilage naturally succumbs to wear and tear.

What are the symptoms of a meniscus tear?

A meniscus tear usually occurs suddenly rather than slowly. The following are the most common symptoms of a meniscus tear:

  • A feeling that something has “popped”
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Problems straightening your knee

Typically, the symptoms of a meniscus tear leave you in no doubt that something’s wrong, thanks to the mobility and pain issues it causes.

How are meniscus tears treated?

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kremen has had great success repairing meniscus tears with arthroscopic techniques. Using very tiny instruments and a small camera, he makes small incisions in your knee and repairs or cuts away your meniscus, depending upon the location and size of the tear.

Your menisci have blood supply only in specific areas, which dictates how Dr. Kremen approaches and treats your tear. After a full evaluation, he recommends the best course of action for your particular situation, as well as your goals.

If you suspect you have a meniscus tear, trust the experienced hands of an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist like Dr. Thomas J. Kremen. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn more.

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